Join The New Acquisition Militia

Please download our membership application and turn in at the next event (preferred) or mail it to the address provided on the application

Payment will be made upon acceptance of membership.

Please address questions to .

Frequently Asked Questions – Membership

Q1. Who do I contact for more information?

A1. Email   if you would need additional information. 

Q2. What are the qualifications for membership?  

A2. Qualification and admission of all prospective members seeking to join the New Acquisition Militia are outlined in Article 12, Section 2. Qualifications of Members, and, Section 3. Admission of Members, of the New Acquisition Militia corporate by-laws:  

“Section 2. Qualifications of Members

The qualifications for membership in this corporation are as follows:

1) Be voted in by a simple majority (50% + 1) of the corporate members in attendance at the annual corporate membership meeting held in July, AND,

2) Pay the required annual corporate membership dues, AND,

3) Either maintains a corporate member ACTIVE participatory status by participating in a minimum of three (3) group educational events documented within the membership year (July 1 – June 30). One of those educational events can include the corporate membership meeting in July, OR,

4) Maintain a corporate member INACTIVE participatory status by making an annual tax deductible contribution as determined by the board for the purpose of supporting the educational activities of the corporation.

Section 3. Admission of Members

Applicants shall be admitted to membership on an individual basis, by the vote of the corporate membership in attendance at the annual meeting in July. “

Q3. Is there an application fee or annual membership fee? 

A3.  There is no application fee for membership.  An annual membership fee is due once a candidate has been voted in to the corporation as a member at the annual corporate membership meeting in July.  

Q4. Are there different levels of membership?

A4. Yes.  Corporate membership dues are determined either by students 21 and younger, Individual membership or Family (2 or more per family unit) membership.  As of 2021, Individual class membership dues are $10 for students under 21, $25 for individuals, and Family (two or more) class membership dues are $40.  Dues are payable before December 31.  

Q5. Why do I have to pay dues if the NAM is a not-for-profit corporation?

A5. The corporation strives to honor the spirit of intent of its non-profit corporate status by minimizing corporate expenses.  No individual officer, director, or corporate member receives compensation for expenses incurred on behalf of the corporation.  Membership dues are collected to pay for collective corporate expenses incurred to purchase group liability insurance and for the purchase of black powder supplies needed to perform historic weapons black powder firing demonstration programs. The NAM Board of Directors strives to minimize these expenses when possible by buying powder supplies at a bulk rate. 

Q6. What happens if I don’t pay my membership dues by December 31st each year?

A6. Failure to pay membership dues by the deadline subjects students, Individual and Family members to Article 12 Members, Section 9.  Termination of Membership of the corporate by-laws:

“… upon a failure to renew his or her membership by paying dues on or before their due date, such termination to be effective thirty (30) days after a written notification of delinquency is given personally or mailed to such member by the secretary of the corporation.  

A member may avoid such termination by paying the amount of delinquent dues within a thirty (30) day period following the member’s receipt of the written notification of delinquency.”

Q7. Is there an official membership form?

A7.  Yes, you may download the membership form here. Please print and mail  to the address in the application or bring to the next event (preferred). There is no application fee but there are annual membership dues. (see A3. above for additional information) Payment will be made upon acceptance of membership.